Project Heavy Logistics

J M Baxi Heavy believes in partnering with its customers through innovative business models. It bring years of expertise with diverse industries and offer insights into managing logistics for capital goods across segments for providing heavy haulage transportation and heavy lift services.

Our strength lies in our network and relationships, built on trust and reliability. We focus on tailoring solutions for our partners, and build lasting relationships with a view to integrate ourselves in our customers’ business processes, ensuring our teams are always a step ahead in anticipating customer needs and delivering results exceeding your requirements.


Hydraulic axles
Prime movers
Power pack units
2 x 450 t
Towing tugs
Flat Top Ro-Ro Barges (6500 DWT, 8500 DWT, 13390 DWT)
Ballast pumps (350 /hr capacity)
Travelling gantry t
1000 t
100-250 t
Strand jacks
1 x 588 t & 2 x 185 t


Heavy and over-dimensional cargo transport and lifting

  • Heavy transport
  • Load-in and load-out
  • Barging
  • Heavy lifting
  • In-house engineering design and calculations

Project cargo freight forwarding and freight management services

  • Air and ocean
  • Relocation services
  • Customs clearance
  • Cargo track and trace and IT enabled services

Heavy and Over-Dimensional Cargo Transport and Lifting

Heavy Transport

J M Baxi Heavy can efficiently, cost-effectively, and safely transport over-dimensional and heavy cargo by multimodal means using our unique fleet of equipment that is unparalleled in India. We cater to verticals across various sectors, including petrochemical refineries, power plants, civil infrastructure, processing plants, heavy industry, urban infrastructure, offshore oil and gas, offshore wind and defense. We use the latest technology for route surveys to ensure speed and accuracy.

Load-in and load-out

J M Baxi Heavy specialises in the design and load-out of offshore structures, like jackets, decks, multiple types of modules, pre-assembled racks (PARs) and pre-assembled units (PAUs). Our fleet of self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs), with their 360° turning capabilities and remote controlled, can be customised according to weight, centre of gravity and safety requirements. We have a highly experienced marine team with capabilities in beaching and live load-outs.


With our fleet of ocean-going barges and tugs, we undertake offshore and multimodal shipments for ODC and project cargo across the coasts of India, along inland waterways, and to the Persian Gulf and the Far East. Our services also include constructing temporary jetties and allied infrastructure to ensure safe operations.

Heavy lifting

Our travelling gantry and strand jacks have excellent capabilities for installing critical equipment and machinery, such as for the automotive, aerospace and power sectors.

In-house engineering design and calculations

Our engineers and naval architects, armed with advanced software, compare various permutations and combinations to determine the safest and most cost-effective engineering solution. Major marine warranty surveyors have accepted our documentation and standards submitted for operations.

Project Cargo Freight Forwarding and Freight Management Services

Project cargo freight forwarding

J M Baxi’s rich history of building a project forwarding supply chain and its marine experience stretching over 100 years are evident in everything we do today. Combined with our heavy-lift services using specialised transport, we provide end-to-end forwarding services to move critical equipment and project cargo, safely and securely, from any place to and from India.

Freight management services: Air and ocean

J M Baxi Heavy minimises logistics costs by offering the best freight solutions for sea and air cargo, while ensuring safe transportation and being conscious of timelines and budget caps imposed on a project.

Relocation services

We operate under strict and comprehensive guidelines and safety procedures that enable the smooth and effective handling, movement and relocation of machinery and equipment, such as the heavy and large-scale hauls of all the machinery needed for a plant. We have a well-trained and highly skilled workforce who ensure the precise handling and transportation of equipment that needs multimodal transportation and C&F terms.

Customs clearance

We have a wealth of expertise in obtaining customs clearance for project cargo and can speedily produce the required documentation. Our teams offer guidance on paperwork, regulations and local laws and can anticipate challenges and help customers to meet deadlines when importing or exporting cargo.

Cargo track and trace and IT enabled services

We offer customers regular updates on the safe movement of their cargo. J M Baxi Heavy utilises appropriate IT technology to deliver services. For example, we can accurately map movements end-to-end, thus ensuring the customer’s peace of mind.

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