Ports are catalysts for economic development as they enable trade and support supply chains. As the Government of India looks to increase India’s share in the world trade pie, the industry will continue to grow. This means that ports need to increase their ability to handle increasing capacities and become more efficient. That said, the Government of India is also focusing on sustainable growth with an eye on reducing CO2 emissions and increasing the share of renewable energy via its Green Port Policy. In this endeavour, ports are now electrifying mobile equipment like reach stackers, rubber tyred gantry cranes etc.

Reach stackers are used at container terminals and container freight stations for handling of various types of containers. They are a key piece of equipment which help stack containers quickly and safely.

J M Baxi’s take

J M Baxi Ports and Logistics (JMBPL) currently has a total of 40 reach stackers across all terminals and have recently adopted two hybrid reach stackers. Running on a combination of solar power, grid electricity and diesel, the hybrid reach stackers are in operation at our Delhi Inland Container Terminal and Visakhapatnam Container Freight Station, and will gradually be deployed at our other facilities.