The state of a country, its strengths and capacities can in a large measure be judged from the capabilities of its indigenous logistics services and accomplishments. Huge enterprises, giant machineries and equipment that churn out goods and commodities in the service of the masses, are recognised as temples of modern society, bringing well- paying employment and prosperity to the regions at large. Heavy lift and transportation help forge these connections.

Heavy lift requires multidisciplinary capabilities. Standard off the shelf services or solutions don’t suffice; each lift and each movement needs to be planned as a project. The cost of errors is prohibitive, in terms of cash outflows and downstream delays in multi-million dollar set ups. Safety of the cargo, equipment, personnel, the environment and other structures is of a paramount importance. Thus, in executing heavy lifts and heavy transportation, one can see in full view a display of the strengths and the sharpness of execution of the performing party. And it cannot be emphasised enough that all of this must be undertaken and completed in the most economical manner and in full compliance of applicable laws, rules and regulations, of which there are plenty. It goes without saying that in heavy lifts and transportation, even a small error or lapse, is magnified, and magnified manifold.

As the Indian industry has grown from a depressed scenario at the time of independence, to now a proud part of the fifth largest economy in the world, the legs and arms that help set it all up have kept pace. From modest beginnings of the industry working with hand me downs - auctioned military trailers to low bed trailers, articulated trailers and now state-of-the-art hydraulic axles and SPMTs, the Indian heavy lift sector has remained steady, committed and invested in the trade. While the sector generally began with packages of about 50 MTs needed for the first fledglings of industry, now often single pieces of say 2300 MTs, a length of 125 metres and a height of 15 metres of an industrial behemoth are moved safely and securely across the country using available surface modes. Thus, the Indian heavy lift entities have remained in step with the industry all the way, in meeting the requirements and challenges of creating infrastructure and industrial enterprises of scale that take the country towards development and prosperity. A good part of foreign consultancies and support in the new beginnings post independence were towards heavy lifts, erections and mega transportations. Now Indian companies are often at the forefront of such contracts and execute the lifting and erection of giants like offshore decks and jackets that can weigh up to 5000 MTs a piece, all by themselves, on the years of accretion of knowledge, capital assets and experience.

Wash Tower: 1155 MTs, 96.00 M (L) X 7.80 M (W) X 8.60 M (H) across multiple modes and vessels. This delicate giant made its way from a jetty on the west coast of India over axles, barges, heavy lift vessels and back onto axles onwards to a refinery on the east.

In the 75 mostly glorious and productive years since independence, the heavy lifts services and Indian industry have each contributed to the other. The multi-modal transportation of huge, weighty and yet delicate ODCs from coast to coast within India, and from and to India from abroad is a task that is routinely undertaken. Not quite behind the scenes but away from the limelight, the Indian heavy lift and heavy transportation sector carries out seemingly extraordinary feats in a manner that appears routine. This is thanks to a very well trained and experienced army of specialists that have developed the industry and grown with it, and to the years of sound capital investments in the sector.

Multiple reactors: Typical 50 M (L) X 5.10 M (W) X 5.40 M (H) and 500 MTs each: Mode interchange on a temporarily constructed jetty. This is where assets, engineering, maritime knowledge, experience, sharpness of execution and committed personnel come together for a timely, safe and economical operation.

India today possesses capacities for lifting, towing, jacking, carriage over land, sea, rivers, construction of temporary or permanent transport infrastructures and the like, that always measure up to the requirements of the industry. As time goes by, the standards keep improving through conscious effort. The J M Baxi group with a 100 plus years in the sector, have witnessed, contributed and gained in this niche and challenging sector. As India moves onwards into its 76th year since independence, we shall always measure up, tonne to tonne, metre to metre, at whatever requirement is put to us, safely, economically and timely.

The LQ module: 4531 MTS, 45.2 M (L) X 49.8 M (W) X 41 M (H) Load Out - single piece